The Corbera wine line is the top of the cellar and its production began simultaneously with the foundation of the company itself. The fifty-year-old tradition provides a guarantee to all consumers who choose Corbera wines.

We transform our best native grapes into Corbera: Grillo, Catarratto and Nero d’Avola. From the international offer we offer Chardonnay and Syrah. All our grapes are grown in the best soils, carefully selected according to the microclimate. Nature alone gives us an exceptional product, which is enriched and controlled by the best technological treatments under the careful control of our agronomists and oenologists. When ready and ripe, the grapes are harvested and brought to the cellar where temperature controlled vinification is carried out in thermo-conditioned silos. The experience of our winemaking technicians and their love for good wine make the difference and give that extra something to our product.

The Corbera line is distributed through wine bars, restaurants, bars and delicatessens.

The news for 2020 will be: Nerosa (Rosè from Nero d’Avola) and Giubilo (sparkling wine)

The Corbera 2020 line includes:

  • Catarratto DOC
  • Grillo DOC
  • Chardonnay DOC
  • Nero d’Avola DOC
  • Syrah DOC
  • Nerosa (rosé from Nero d’Avola) DOC
  • Giubilo (sparkling wine) IGP TERRE SICILIANE