The wine

Wine for us is a source of inspiration, its creation an art, like literature… an interesting combination also considering that we are in the Sicilian Lands, those made famous by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa in the novel “The Leopard” and to which we we constantly inspire.

Corbera wines are a total expression of our territory: in fact, all procedures, from the grape harvest to bottling, take place in our territory.

A Corbera wine is a 100% Belice wine.

The Lines

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    The Corbera wine line represents the best of the company: it was born with the establishment of the company itself. It is a certainty for consumers

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    Isola d'Oro

    The Isola d’Oro line represents Cantina Corbera throughout Italy with two native vines such as Catarratto and Nero d’Avola…

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    Le Contrade

    Le Contrade Line is an exclusive for Italy of Doreca Italia S.p.A., six wines in purity that represent the most important territories where our vineyards are located…