The Corbera Winery

The Corbera Winery was founded in 1971 as a response by local farmers to the terrible earthquake which in 1968 destroyed our city almost completely. “The winemakers of Belice” therefore decided to revive the local economy, joining a cooperative, continuing the cultivation with the same wisdom and passion as always.

The result of this choice led to the birth of high quality wines, true expression of our land, perfect for any occasion and dedicated to all lovers of Italian traditions and gastronomic culture.

About 600 members, every day take care of our vineyards of about 1700 hectares located on the hills of the Valle del Belice, located in the county of Santa Margherita di Belice, the land that inspired Tomasi di Lampedusa for his most famous novel “The Leopard” .

Since 2000 Cantina Corbera has started a project aimed at improving the quality of the product, using the best specialists in agronomy, oenology and grape transformation. Our members take care of the vineyard and rigorously select the best grapes to transform into IGP and DOP wines to bottle.

All our bottled wines are produced with native grapes such as Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese, Insolia, Catarratto, Grillo and with international grapes such as Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah.

The Cellar in numbers

Size: 25,000 sq.m.

Employees: 15

Cooperative workers: 750

Production capacity: 10,000,000 liters / year

Concrete silos:
44 da 100 HL each
18 da 600 HL each
2 da 400 HL each

Iron silos:
4 da 670 HL each
5 da 100 HL each

Steel silos:
16 da 350 HL each
12 da 600 HL each
4 da 500 HL each
7 da 300 HL each
9 da 150 HL each
5 da 153 HL each
8 da 100 HL each
6 da 50 HL each

Vinification: 5 pneumatic presses of 150 q

Tangential filter of: 30 sq.m.

Filtering Station: 6 lines of destemmers

History of our name

Founded in 1572 by Baron Antonio Corbera, ancestor of Tommasi di Lampedusa (author of the novel “the Leopard”), Santa Margherita del Belice rises between Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento on the border with Salaparuta and Sambuca di Sicilia.

Located between the Belice, Senore and Carboj rivers, this place has had a significant place in the history of Sicily: we mention Maria Carolina Filangeri, the famous Donna Fugata.

The Filangeri succeeded the Corbera family and became king of Sicily at the court of Leopoldo di Borbone. Giuseppe Tommasi di Lampedusa defined this land as :. “The Lost Earth in Paradise” in his novel “The Leopard”.

The ‘house of the Leopard’ is still in Santa Margherita del Belice and the owners are still descendants of the Filangeri.